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Excellent news.
I will be starting another six week introduction to mindfulness & meditation workshop, this will be starting on the 7th March between 1pm and 230pm.
Please spread the word, I have up to 8 places available.
I came away learning new skills, both practical in a physical sense and a thoughtful sense. There was the right balance of being up and experiencing the forest and sitting down and discussing thoughts and practising meditation.



forest bathing worhsop flyer

Testimonials from previous workshop

I attended four weeks of the five-week Forest Bathing course. Through the weeks we used touch, sight, sound and smell to help us understand ‘being in the moment’. Something as children we did naturally but which as we get older becomes lost in the busy lifestyles that we all lead. One evening it was raining and after hot chocolate and a few quiet moments we wandered into the wood. It was a beautiful experience to hear the rain in the leaves above and to see rain drops shining in the light. Being in a forest environment is restful, soothing and extremely good for our physical and emotional wellbeing. I enjoyed every moment of my forest bathing and cannot wait for the next course.


This is and has been a totally new experience for me it has taught me to be able to let go even just for a short while something I have never been able to do before so even for a few minutes at a time I feel I have achieved a big step , it has taught me to just be in the moment with my surroundings and to be more mindful I felt very emotional and overwhelmed but in a good positive way I feel I have learnt a lot and it’s helped with my mental health something which I really struggle with and I’m looking forward to continuing with the courses in the future and to be able to learn and grow with each one



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